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I am passionate about body work in all its forms and possibilities. I help people recover their physical and emotional strength.

Through body awareness, unlocking physical tensions and releasing the breath we can all get more connected with our body and gain vitality and health. I am currently an instructor of Yoga, Pilates and Dynamic Hypopressives in Ibiza.

In Madrid, I trained as a journalist and worked as an editor in several educational and sports magazines. Then, for two years living in Moscow, I learned this language and started practicing Hatha Yoga with the Sivananda school. Back in Spain I followed my Pilates training and created the Yogaymovimiento© program. I am accredited in Dynamic Hypopressives by the Official Method of Marcel Caufriez. 


  • Instructor Pilates by Madrid Gymnastics Federation
  • Yoga Instructor by Sivananda
  • Hypopressives by Marcel Caufriez
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